Pelaton Pharma

A Maryland BioMedTech dedicated to supporting urban/rural agriculture by producing Nutraceuticals that eradicate malnutrition.

Pelaton is the anglicized French word Peloton that describes a small group of people striving diligently for a common cause.

Pelaton Pharma a division of Croppers Farm LLC

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More than twenty pesticides, algaecides, herbicides and fungicides can be used on the farm and still qualify as organic. We use NONE of these. Are we better than organic? I think that’s up to you to decide. Come to our farms. See how we grow in controlled, enclosed environments. Other than the highest quality nutrients nothing is added ever.

The Best Food IS the Best Medicine

Because of new production techniques and the advancement of technology like low- energy LED grow lighting, farmers can now successfully cultivate a new crop here on the Shore – Spirulina..

Spirulina is a 3 Billion dollar industry in the East, now evolving into the States.  The USDA calls Spirulina, “The Future of Nutrition”. The UN says it’s the “Most ideal food for Mankind.” The World Health Organization proclaims, Spirulina is the “Most balanced, complete and nutritious Superfood on Earth” and NASA reports that, “1 ounce of Spirulina is equal to 1000 ounces of fresh assorted fruits and vegetables, it’s the Perfect Food.

Maybe they are thrilled about Spirulina because it contains 3 times more protein than beef, has 7 times more calcium than milk, 50 times more iron than spinach and more antioxidants per serving than any other known food. Something so good probably tastes really bad, right? No, sorry – there’s little or no taste at all, when mixed with anything, it takes on that flavor.  

Not only is it good for you;, it’s great for our planet. Spirulina is carbon sequestering, oxygen producing, greenhouse gas reducing, and since it produces no nutrient runoff, it is Chesapeake Bay friendly, and river/estuary protective. One might say, it’s environmentally affectionate.

We produce and distribute Nutraceuticals to END Malnutrition. Peer-reviewed scientific research proves 1 daily tablespoon of Spirulina takes young children out of the malnutrition cycle. That’s important; that’s our future. It’s SO IMPORTANT that 10% of our net profits go to feed those with the most need. Help us Help them.

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One of our main objectives is to provide local poultry growers, burdened with unused chicken houses, a profitable (year round) product alternative by cultivating Spirulina. We are establishing demo locations and training facilities now to help make it easy. Have an empty chicken house? Join us!


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